About Us

  1. About Us

We, you and bolts

  • Bolts are produced fast. 80 tons of plough bolts kept in the warehouse constantly to immediate expedition within 1 week.
  • Production of customized bolts is quick. Usually within 1 month.
  • We do not want prepayment even if you are buying for the first time.
  • We speak English, Russian and Polish languages.
  • We provide transport across the Europe for you. To almost 30 countries now.
  • We pack the bolts carefully and denote them with your logo as well as with BAR codes.
  • We are a Czech family bolt manufacturer.
  • We do not build our brand, we produce for you.


  • Current annual capacity is 2.000 tons.
  • We produce bolts for agricultural, engineering and building industry.
  • Our bolts do match to the standards DIN and ČSN in diameters from M5 up to M14.
  • We produce bolts according to the drawings.
  • Bolts are supplied in many classes of strength - 4.6, 4.8, 5.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9
  • We produce bolts with many surface treatments - galvanic zinc, like blue, yellow. Also non galvanical surfaces as a geomet,dacromet, delta protect.